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Hello, I’m Marijke, pronounced Ma-rye-kuh. I'm a portrait photographer based in Washington, DC.

I specialize in documenting your family as it is today. I especially enjoy working with you to create custom heirloom artwork of your family, children of all ages, and newborns. You know the difference a short amount of time can make as your children relentlessly grow. Before you know it, more time has passed than you realized and your kids have changed completely.
I know all too well how hard it can feel to figure out logistically how to document them in the way you truly want. Not to mention not being in the frame with your kids as a mother. I strive to make your desire to freeze time in this moment as simple and painless as possible (for all family members). It is a privilege to be welcomed into your space to document these bonds. I honor that invitation with deep gratitude.

Want to know a little about me?
I have an eclectic background having lived and worked in a variety of countries and industries. I'm passionate about my craft and am very detail-oriented. I'm a mom to two young ones and I'm right there in the throws of parenting with you. I delight in the weirdness of kids. I love the silly, bizarre, emotional, tender, thoughtful lens little ones bring to the world. It's exhausting and hard and rewarding beyond belief, truly incomparable to any other experience.

I have a BFA in Art with an emphasis in painting and drawing, but my love for art began with photography. I was mentored by National Geographic photographer Richard Menzies at age 10. He taught me to photograph with film and develop in a dark room. When my tutelage was coming to an end, he gifted me one of his cameras and I've since treasured it.
My photography style is classic and timeless, real and raw with an artistic interpretation. We will use light and creativity to make art and magic together. These are memories you will be proud to share through the decades. The "perfect" or "right" time is now. We will take you as you are today, imperfect, messy, or complicated, I welcome it all. All colors, orientations, identities, and sizes welcomed with love.

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